Darma Dating iOS Application

CLOSURE and FEEDBACK can reveal blind spots in dating or it can validate that you’re doing everything right; either way, it’s helpful!

Darma is a dating app, plus more.
If a connection doesn’t work out, Darma provides the option for giving and receiving CLOSURE and FEEDBACK.
CLOSURE and FEEDBACK are possible with ALL dates:
*Matches generated on Darma.
*People you’ve met through other dating apps.
*Non-digital introductions.

Darma does the outreach to dates—NOT YOU—the third party contact removes the awkwardness of putting someone on the spot and increases the likelihood of getting a response!!! Information is collected via a quick survey. Darma will never contact anyone without authorization. All Darma users control the process!

Darma is a kind community whose primary mission is to foster a positive dating experience. For this reason, comments on closure and feedback are not permitted in order to prevent mean or hurtful remarks. All info is collected via pre-selected drop-down options.

Darma was created by Meredith Golden, the Dating Expert who founded SpoonMeetSpoon. As a result of her work as a dating coach and dating app ghostwriter, Meredith has been privy to what’s missing in the dating and dating app market. As a solution, she created Darma to help singles succeed.

You must be 18 years of age or older to use Darma.

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